2112 is BACK!!!

Come see us at 89 North in Patchogue, January 14 2023..join us in celebrating the music and legacy of the mighty



2112 ....around since 2001...

We host the largest amount of videos of any Rush tribute. We get this question a lot...."You say you are a Rush 'tribute'...  but yet you have four members and don't look like them, dress up in wigs or kimonos...what's up with that? Shouldn't you be calling yourselves a Rush COVER band?"  Doesn't matter to us.  We just want to pay tribute to Rush by playing their music as accurately as possible, with as much passion and fun as possible.

2112 is honored to be considered by many to be the most authentic sounding and entertaining Rush tribute band in the world. Those that do attribute this to our authentic live sound, feel and vocals. We are both honored and thankful for the compliments we receive. You will find no other Rush tribute that puts as much passion and pride into it as we do.

If you're a long-time, die-hard Rush fan like each one of us is, then come on out and celebrate Rush's legacy.  Because after all,

Rush is THE BEST,

and Rush fans DESERVE the best.

Right-click the logo for our  channel.



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